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Bloodless Revolution 2018

A free man named Peter

No one has the right to obey
(Hannah Arendt 1906-1975)  

Above, is a most profound statement. I wonder how many readers absorbed it? I suspect that only those who truly believe they are a sovereign being will take it on board.

Think about it.

* * * * *

A couple of weeks ago, walking on my way home from a morning visit to the post office, I smiled and greeted an elderly man walking towards me. He smiled and greeted back and we stopped to chat. I had no idea who he might be and he didn't know me.

In no time at all we were talking like long lost neighbours and we were on the same wavelength. His name is Peter. He is 90 years old and he has lived in our town all his life; married and raised children, and only ever had two jobs, one of which was at our local parchment manufacturer. (The other, I think, when he went to war).

The parchment making company is well known in those circles where making parchment and vellum is important for such things as recording and archiving of laws and statutes. I imagine it to be a damp and smelly job and not very appealing.

No matter what I thought, Peter, clearly, had lived his life with an attitude towards liberty and in the pursuit of happiness that many might envy - and there wasn't a need of labels to define it.

Peter instinctively rejected EU and all it represents. (How quickly and easily we can find common ground). He even went so far as to decry the privatisation of our water, gas and electricity supplies . . . privatised by external (foreign) companies, he noted. We nodded agreement to that, too.

(A THOUGHT: If water is necessary for life, why are we required to pay for it? And if we fail to pay, are the private suppliers entitled to withhold this necessity for life? Surely, if payment must be made for necessary technology and manpower it should be made by the community for the common good. Shouldn't it?) But I digress.

People walked past us and greeted Peter as they did so. The man is not unknown in his own community. I could so easily have walked back into town alongside him and taken him to a coffee shop to continue our conversation. But you don't do that kind of thing, do you?

He talked for a while about a hoity-toity local farmer who (probably years and years ago) once denigrated Peter's simple lifestyle. Peter wasn't fazed and his face lit up as he remembered how he had told the farmer: "I own my house; I've raised my family and I've got a shilling in the bank. I'm free. You, on the other hand are in debt with several mortgages and owe money everywhere."

I had to smile. I think he challenged the farmer to say who had got it right after all.

I want to meet Peter again.

* * * * *

In my humble opinion, the events of recent days in London and elsewhere, highlight the foolishness of so many people with our attitudes to ways of living; they bring the spotlight to bear on the fact that, generally, we continue to do as we've always done, yet strangely, we expect results to be different. You must admit THAT is strange.

Theresa May has yet to trigger Article 50 but, somehow, there are still those among us who think that walking the streets shouting abuse and waving placards is the way to draw attention to their disagreement with imminent events. Before anything has happened! Will someone please enlighten me as to how any of that does anything to change anything or any onlooker's mind? It doesn't.

It shows only that the participants are angry, frustrated, possibly frightened, probably out of work and very definitely of the opinion that 'I'm right, you are wrong'. Looked at from this perspective, they aren't likely to persuade anyone in the palaces of Westminster to pay much attention other than to take steps to ensure their own safety.

I'm mindful of some of the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

OR, as we at MK Column assert

We are sovereign beings, therefore




I think Peter might agree.

* * * * *

Over recent months I've touched upon the folly of 'I'm right, you are wrong'; I mentioned the word 'consent' once but failed to later expand my thinking in that regard - must do better; I've identified that money is a tool that enslaves yet it is fabricated from thin air and still we take it seriously; I've suggested that politicians aren't democrats, no matter what they tell us, and democracy seems to be a seriously misunderstood word. Evidently there is much to think about for future blogs.

In the meantime and in conclusion:

• Are you going to stand idly by and allow our tried and tested Trial by Jury Common Law

Constitution to be airbrushed from our country’s annals?

• Are you happy that Magna Carta, our exemplary, world-respected 1215 Great Charter

Constitution, is being downgraded to the sidelines of history by our treasonous political class?

• Are you going to allow greedy, corrupt and agenda-driven politicians from ALL of the

political parties to micro-manage our lives in an Orwellian way using deception, lies,

entrapment and outright fraud?

• Doesn’t it bother you that the criminal financiers in the City of London and their private central bankers fraudulently control your life by putting you and your family into unlawful debt?

• Do you want to see the likes of Tony Blair and John Major derailing and reversing the

Brexit decision to leave the corrupt and fascist EU?

• Are you prepared to see our armed services shrunk to a level where they can no longer defend our freedoms and sovereignty?

• Are you going to allow the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable in our society to be treated as second class citizens by not giving them the care and attention they so rightfully deserve?

• And are you going to allow children to be continued to be abused by Establishment-led paedophile rings and the secret ‘family courts’?

• Your answer to ALL these questions will certainly be a resounding “NO!”

Following on from the success of The Winchester Declaration, We the People are now

organising and empowering ourselves peacefully to expose what is REALLY going on with our country whilst working towards full restoration of our Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound and the fiscal process of Sovereign National Credit by restoring the Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution which criminalises Usury and the modern fraud of Fractional Reserve Lending.

This is new Rule of Law Movement doesn’t offer false ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ as do the

treasonous, cowardly and vacuous politicians currently in Parliament—rather, we offer

practical, historically proven solutions which can be immediately restored and implemented.

The Conference begins at 10am on Saturday 22nd April 2017 at

The Albert Hall, Nottingham and will finish at 6pm.

Tickets £10 — but please contribute more if you can afford it.

(950 tickets were available — but please book early to avoid

disappointment as we cannot guarantee many tickets will be available

at the door. To purchase your tickets online click on link below:

Address of venue:

The Albert Hall Conference Centre

North Circus Street

Nottingham NG1 5AA

If you require more information then please ring either

Justin Walker or Ed Alder on 01752 478054

A Musing Michael