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Bloodless Revolution 2018


The Magna Carta was written because of disagreements between Pope Innocent III, King John and his Barons about the Rights of the King.

     The Magna Carta (The Great Charter Constitution) was a peace treaty between King John and the Barons. It was created to establish that all men, including the King is subject to the Law of the land.

     King John Lackland (1199-1216) and his mercenary’s had terrorised the English for years. John was not the natural heir to the English throne and because of his murderous and treacherous behaviour history records him as the worst King of England and gave him the nickname ‘The robber king’.

     The Magna Carta was originally written on pig skin and then copied 4 times onto parchment and sent to different parts of the country. King John sealed the document with his seal on 15th June 1215 at Runnymede on the Thames near Windsor in the county of Surrey.

     In the months following King John continued to pillage and plunder his way across the South of England. He died in the following year near King’s Lynn and was laid to rest in Worcester Cathedral.

     An ‘Oath’ is a solemn promise made by a person. If a person breaks their Oath they can be punished by the people. King John swore to uphold his Coronation Oath the ‘Law of the Land’ but he clearly did not. It was not a total surprise there fore that he broke the Magna Carta Oath. Fortunately for the English he died soon after.

     On June 2nd 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned the Queen of Great Britain, Ireland and her other realms. The qeen swore under Oath to govern by the laws and customs of her realms. Furthermore on the 15th June 2015 the Queen attended the 800th anniversary service at Runnymede where she acknowledged and consented to the principles of Magna Carta.

     When we think about the power and freedom the Magna Carta gives British citizens, King John or rather the Barons who made him seal the charter gave the people a wonderful gift. This fact is confirmed when one considers the number of countries around the world who have adopted the principles of the Magna Carta within their own Constitutions.