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Bloodless Revolution 2018


Dear Mr Hayes,

I see from government websites that you, as Minister of State for Transport rather than the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, is responsible for HS2.

May I appeal to you to spend a worthy six minutes watching this video:

Not only is the implementation of this project immensely distressing for home-owners forced out by compulsory purchases;

Not only is the implementation of this project immensely damaging to the environment with woodlands destroyed,

but the whole project is NOW since BREXIT - and we ARE leaving the EU, aren't we? - is totally out of our jurisdiction!!

HS2 is an EU 2015 - 088 directive Project - no wonder its technology is 25-years out of date and limited in its scope - therefore it has nothing whatsoever to do with the UK!!

Please see this logical reasoning from a native Brit of advanced years!

By the time this wasteful, redundant, destructive, monster has ripped through many counties, (including Buckinghamshire)

we will once again be a free and sovereign nation. That is what we voted for, so it must come to pass...

How ridiculous it will look to our grand- and great-grand-children who will be paying off the debt for decades. "An EU project, you say, Grandad, so why am I paying for it? I'm going to stop paying any taxes from now on!" And who could blame him?!  

If I've ever agreed with Boris Johnson, it was when he said "Go whistle!" to the EU on paying to Exit.

I urge and encourage you and plead for you to do the same. Please stand tall against the tyrannical demands of the corporate drivers of EU policy and have us be LEFT ALONE!!

On the destruction of 47 woodlands: These have been specifically planted to replace the 15 million trees lost in the horrendous storm of 1987. There is still a vast amount of planting still required to compensate the loss. The lack of trees has a tremendous impact on our weather systems by way of high winds. All this effort is now in grave danger and will have been proved to have been a complete waste if HS2 goes ahead.

Yours sincerely,

There are 2 petitions about the HS2 Railway line: