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Bloodless Revolution 2018

An Open Letter to Contending Political Parties

05 May 2017   

UK General Election June 2017

Correctly answer the following and your party will have my vote and doubtless the votes of many others. Please provide your party policy upon:

1. Crimes against children committed by our ruling elites. I refer you to:

i) BBC documentary during which Tim Fortescue, Chief Whip during the time of Edward Heath, [from memory] stated ‘.... if an MP comes to us with a problem relating to debt, or little boys, we cover the matter up’ .... in the interests of party loyalty. It seems to me that all political parties do this. Will you commit to rooting out this abomination?

ii) Current policy appears to be: if a policeman proceeds with a paedophile investigation leading to one or more of our political elites, his superiors will shut the case down and then persecute the policeman. There are several examples of this. Do you agree with this policy or will you undertake to change it?

iii) Will you continue to persecute Janice and Brian Docherty [there is a Brian Docherty who is a convicted paedophile but you will note this is not Janice’s Brian] or will you do all you can to have their children returned to them and allow them to resume a normal life? There is a 260 page transcript of an interview, other data and many other sources covering this outrageous case.

iv) Will you continue to persecute Melanie Shaw currently in jail, initially in Peterborough, now in Nottingham, where she was held without charge in solitary confinement for many months before being subjected to trial by video link which was shut off part way through the process? They said she was shouting. She denies it and in view of the bizarre nature of this case I am inclined to believe her. She has recently been found guilty of contempt of court, whatever that means in this case, and she is back in solitary confinement. There are many articles covering this sobering legal anomaly.

2. Will you undertake to reverse the erosion of our ancient rights and freedoms represented by Magna Carta, but which existed before Magna Carta, and by the written Constitution [originally for William and Mary] which was read to our Queen during her coronation? She assented to it and to our rights and freedoms and she bowed to the reader .... who represented us. Will you restore proper public trial by jury by which jury members are selected at random, and a unanimous decision is required for a conviction? Will you insist that judges should always instruct all jurors that if they believe the law under which a conviction is being progressed is unjust they have a moral and Common Law obligation to find a verdict of NOT GUILTY [trial of William Penn and William Mead in 1670]? Will you stop the odious practise of trial by video link?

3.  Are you willing stop ill informed and disingenuous propaganda that parliament is sovereign? I assume that our monarch has not declared mediatization. It is a little known fact, but a true one, that we, the ordinary people are sovereign. Our Constitution is clear upon this matter! We once had a tyranny by the monarchy. We want the current trend towards tyranny by parliament to reverse.

4. Are you willing to scrap insolent, treasonous and tyrannical moves to write a Constitution. We already have a written Constitution [ ]. There is nothing wrong with it. We merely need to honour it. It is clear that any new constitution will result in diminution of our rights and freedoms.

5. Are your candidates aware of the Bank of International Settlements based in Basel, aware of its powers and what it does? Please advise me.

6. Are you willing to abolish the odious and criminal activity of fractional banking and the issuance of money through debt and interest? I put money into a bank account and the bank can magic additional money, almost doubling the original deposit, as loans thereby creating money in the form of debt upon which the bank charges interest. It is calculated that over the last 40 years this has pushed up the amount of money in the economy by 11.5% per year; more than 95% of money now in circulation is said to be interest bearing debt, created by the banks from nothing, which, because it is based on debt, has in turn pushed up the price of houses, out-priced a generation of would be home owners, affected the rental housing market and fettered business activity. Is this a route to a sound and stable economy? Of course not! It leads to ever increasing impoverishment of people in our country, severely hampers the national budget, health care, defence of our nation and erodes stable governance.

7. Are you willing to re-issue the Bradley Pound ..... or something like the Greenback Dollar [of Abraham Lincoln] or perhaps even Colonial Scrip, to remove the burden we suffer from the excesses of the banks. If banks want compensation for loss of usury are you willing to inspect the contracts by which they claim compensation and judge whether the contracts comply with the provisions of our written Constitution? Are such contracts equitable or are they treasonous? Do they accord with Common Law? Have not the banks already received enough from us for the billions which they have magiced into existence? If the banks are unhappy they can always seek recompense from whoever signed the loan agreements.

8. Are you happy with the so called Big Society? What is the Global Parliament of Mayors? To where should the loyalties of big city mayors lie; their global parliament, or their country? Why do we need another layer of big government with the expense it entails?

9. Will you, like many others, put pressure upon Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale to drop his investigation into accusations against Edward Heath, or will you allow his investigations to continue without interference?

10. Why is the odious and secretive non government charitable organisation Common Purpose funded by government to train ‘our leaders of the future’? Its stated aim is to sit in the so called gap between government and the people. It subverts, undermines and circumvents parliament, infects the police, local government and increasingly the military. References to it during meetings are airbrushed from public records. It was started by Julia Middleton and is based upon the corrosive teaching of Saul Alinsky. Will you root it out from our government institutions, military and the police and name public figures associated with it?

11. Are you aware that the man apparently in charge of the Tory Party election campaign is Jim Messina, an associate of Obama. Is he of Common Purpose USA? If yes then why are they involved in our election?

12. Staltenberg [NATO] and Federica Mogherini [EU] are on record as stating that police and military should converge and combine and I understand that our current Home Secretary is keen on following their lead. Why? Do you agree with this policy? There is no reason for a free and democratic nation to combine these functions. They serve different purposes. It is far better for a separation of powers to exist: unless that free and democratic state is to become a police state. Do you agree this country should become a Police State?

13. Why have European Union military Head Quarters been set up in Northwood, London and at RAF St. Mawgan in Cornwall ready for operation within a few hours? Are you aware that British military forces including our nuclear deterrent force are being given to the European Union currently via military union with France? You may not be in favour of us having a nuclear deterrent but we do have one. Do you really want it to be handed over to another country, or group of countries dominated by Germany? Are you aware that members of the government do not deny this: they refuse to discuss the matter? Do you want our military procurement to be through a common European Union procurement body over which we have no power? Are you aware that this will probably be the end of our two remaining blue chip defence companies: BA Systems and Rolls Royce which through lack of orders are currently priced well below their real worth to Britain? This will occur whether BREXIT proceeds or whether it does not. Are you happy that Britain’s defence industries, and armed forces should continue to be hollowed out?

I shall value you response to these questions.

Yours faithfully,