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Bloodless Revolution 2018

The British Court

The UK is a Common Law country as such all defendant’s ought to be brought to justice by a ‘Jury of their peers’ as stipulated in the Magna Carta.

When a person is put on trial and the verdict is decided by a judge this is called a bench trial. British citizens need to consider whether such trials are against the constitution as it is contrary to article 39 of the Magna Carta.

Judges are supposed to be independent of Government but they are in fact, paid employees of Government.

In recent years British citizens have become less and less involved in the administration of their own laws, Lawyers, Barristers, Judges, Police officers and MP’s have taken over the complete system. The average citizen has either very little or no knowledge or understanding of the legal system - except the criminals, and perhaps many of them do not know that much!

The most disturbing changes to have occurred in recent years include:

  1. The removal of juries and the dependence on judges to make the verdict.
  2. Judges specifically ‘directing’ the jury to make a specific judgement!
  3. The use of Secret Family Courts.
  4. The push to hold trials whereby the defendant is not present in court physically but is present only by means of a video ‘Skype’ telephone link.
  5. The use of Computer Generated Images’s (CGI’s), in preference to actual photographs.
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