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Bloodless Revolution 2018


Three of the original clauses are still in force today:Clause 1, 13, 39 and 40

As shown here

Law Litigation

     There are many textbooks and websites which describe, explain and make assertions about the clauses written in the Magna Carta.  Any citizen would be quickly confused and overloaded with information and tempted to give up. This might be intentional. In addition who decides which interpretation is the truthful one? Which interpretations are biased? Which are relevant to the UK?

     In my opinion one of the best sources of truthful, accurate and relavant information comes from the responses which have been made under Freedom of Information requests that have been made by citizens to public bodies. The website Whatdotheyknow hold an easily searchable database.

From such a study by myself I have learnt the following and I believe this to be true:

The Clauses in the Magna Cart were not numbered, most but not all people follow a numbering system devised by a lawyer called ‘Black ‘